New miniatures 02/08/2017

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In the catalog new positions: Farseer and warlocks Eldar Farseer with Staff  Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen the hand of Asur 1996 Eldar Warlock with Witch Blade and Shuriken Pistol Eldar Warp Spiders

New miniatures 01/18/2017

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In the catalog there were a new positions: Goblin Guard The Rose of Ker-Ys, Witchling Meloda, Warrior-Queen of Mierce

Kingdom Death miniatures comes back!

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For all lovers of the beautiful and unusual! Astrologers week announced Kingdom Death! For all fans and just interested in, we prepared two waves of miniatures from the wounderful KD universe. You are waiting for the new survivors and horrible … Read More

New miniatures 12/26/2016

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    In the catalog there was a new positions: Ciaphas Cain, Steel Legion heavy bolter team, Vostroyan Snipers.

Happy New Year!

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We congratulate all with a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! And in honor of the feast we give you a 30% discount on all items in our store! Attention – Promotion is valid from 25 December until 10 January.

Expansion of promotion for the feedback!

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We are expanding the reward for your “comments”! Now, besides the main bonus for your feedback on our site, you will receive 2$ for a review on the third-party resources

New miniatures 12/07/2016

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        In the catalog there was a new positions: Steel Legion Squad, Steel Legion Commander with Power Sword & Pistol, Ratlings 3’rd edition, Chaos Space Marines Daemon Prince.

The promotion – a coupon for the review!

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The promotion involved all comments with this order number. Reviews about online store are located on the page “Testimonials”, and reviews of products you purchase are placed in comments to items. What can be expected by writing a review? 1. … Read More

Attention, attraction are continuing!!!

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  Greeting everyone, our attraction of unprecedented generosity are continuing! According to your numerous requests we had decided to provide 20% discount for all products until 31 Jan 2017!

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