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Ratlings 3’rd edition

16.00$ 12.00$

Unpainted and unassembled resin miniature of Ratlings 3 edition WH 40K. Each miniature you can buy separately, for more info please contact us.

1) It will be packed well and arrive to you safe.
2) The exceptional quality. There are no flaws.

Blackmarketminiatures is created as the solution of your agendas. Here you can increase your fire power dramatically.
Exceptional quality in conjunction with affordable prices, will allow you to obtain the necessary advantage on the battlefield.

  • Seb

    Model: Ratlings 3rd Edition Order #: 2667

    I love these models and when Black Market Minatures said that I had enough from my reviews to get them for free (well 20 cents and free shipping) I knew that I had to grab them.

    Most of the models came through perfectly (See BMM Replacement order for all the order pictures) and there were only a couple of items that has minor issues. One piece (http://i.imgur.com/oMeVwSS.jpg) has a slight mould slip (http://i.imgur.com/24AbKXa.jpg). This took about 3 minutes to fix on both sides of the model thanks to the forgiving resin BMM use.

    The other issue is more of a note of interest: it looks as though BMM fill bubble holes with a clear hard layer before sending (http://i.imgur.com/WV9mgD2.jpg – on the arm. You will need to zoom in). On small holes this is what I would do with superglue anyway but it shows the scrupulous checking system that they use before sending out.

    Again I am very impressed with BMM and looming forward to painting my models.