» » Necromunda Enforcer with Dog (Old and Very Rare) with additional unreleased set

Necromunda Enforcer with Dog (Old and Very Rare) with additional unreleased set

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Unpainted and unassembled resin miniature of Necromunda Enforcer with Dog (Old and Very Rare) GW WH40K

1) It will be packed well and arrive to you safe.
2) The exceptional quality. There are no flaws.

  • Seb

    Model: Necromunda Enforcer Order #: 2422
    This is a great pair of models with excellent quality of detail. No marks of resin gates or mould slip on either model. However the two scrolls on the front of the enforcers waist are very thin and easily damaged. In addition to this the hand cuffs on his left waist are broken and missing the broken piece. This is no doubt due to the thin and fragile nature of this section.
    The cyber-mastiff is wonderful. Fantasic detail especially around the head of the model.
    This is an excellent pair of models but care must be taken with them. Full pictures of the order can be seen here: http://imgur.com/gallery/his19

  • Seb

    Model: Necromunda Enforcer body (replacement part) Order #: 2667
    Black Market Minatures were quick to respond when I mentioned the damage on the model and were kind enough to replace the body of the Enforcer free due to the minor issue on the hand cuffs. This reinforces that they really do pride themselves on their attentive to detail and perfection. The replacement part was perfect.

    They did also say that the slim head issue is down to the cast/model that they have and so there is nothing that they can do to fix this. In another act of kindness they provided me with three new spare heads. See BMM Replacement order . Not sure if I would use the batman one (!) but a kind and helpful gesture.

    Many thanks BMM for your help and service.